Concerts – these artists perform during the Nordklang festival

Opening ceremony for Nordklang on June 26 at 18.00 in Helsingborg Concert Hall
This evening, we gather all the festival participants, workshop leaders, conductors, chancellors and volunteers for a musical ceremony in the concert hall’s grand hall. The evening offers both solemn speech and singing, where the vocal group Vocal Six and the Norwegian youth choir NUK are at the center. Then we hope for wonderful singing led by tonight’s two conference owners – the festival’s artistic leader Anders Jalkéus and chairman of the Swedish Driving Association, Karin Eklundh.

The opening concert is free and only for participants in Nordklang.

Gabriel Forss
Gabriel is one of Sweden’s most famous choir leaders. Every week he gathers more than 2 000 singers in his choirs in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, under the name Happy Voices.
Gabriel’s career started off in the Swedish Eurovision in 1997 with the song ”Bara hon älskar mig” as one of the members in the pop group Blond. The group won and represented Sweden in Dublin. Gabriel is also a beloved, frequently hired sing along coach who spreads the joy of singing all over the country in his many music projects.

Concert June 27 20:00 in Helsingborg Concert Hall. Tickets are purchased here.

THE CHOIR by ABBA the Museum
THE CHOIR by ABBA the Museum is a pop choir who sings ABBA-music. It was founded in 2014 by the ABBA museum in Stockholm and Björn Ulvaeus to celebrate ABBA’s 40th anniversary of their victory in Eurovision Song Contest. The choir performs on a regular basis both in and outside of Sweden.

Concert June 28 20:00 in Helsingborg Concert Hall. Tickets are purchased here.

Damkören Korallerna
Korallerna is a young, successful women’s choir and a well-known act in Lund’s singing- and music life. The choir’s conductor is Linda Alexandersson and it was founded in 1978 by Eva Svanholm Bohlin. The choir consists of twenty something girls in the ages of 18­-33. Their repertoire is mixed: classical and modern, profane and sacred – everything from Mozart to Kostiainen. The choir has made several recordings that are available on Spotify as well as on the choir’s web site.

Concert on June 27 20:00 in S:ta Maria kyrka. Tickets are bought in the door or via the church expedition.

Svanholm Singers
Svanholm Singers was founded in Lund in 1998 and has quickly established themselves as one of Sweden’s most prominent male chamber choirs. The choir has won first prize at several international competitions. Svanholm Singers consist of about 20 singers in the age of 20-30 and are conducted since 2001 by Sofia Söderberg. The choir frequently tours Europe and Asia and has produced six records.
Svanholm Singers are named after the opera singer Set Svanholm, father of Eva Svanholm Bohlin, the choir’s founder and first conductor.

Concert on June 27 20:00 in S:ta Maria kyrka. Tickets are bought in the door or via the church expedition.

Helsingborgs Kammarkör
Helsingborgs Kammarkör, HKK, was founded in 1984 and currently consist of about 20 experienced singers, led by Sverker Zadig. The choir annually gives several concerts both in Sweden and abroad and are represented on a number of records.

Concert on June 28 19:30 in S:ta Maria kyrka. Tickets are bought in the door or via the church expedition.

Syng Selected
Syng Selected is an a cappella choir consisting 30 of Denmark’s most talented young choir singers in the ages of 18-30 years. Syng Selected was founded by the Danish Youth Choir Association SYNG in 2014 and showcases the newest trends in modern a cappella music and the choir has gained great reputation in a short term. In 2017 Syng Selected attended Aarhus Vocal Festivals choir competition, and in spring 2018 they performed in the DR Concert Hall with Stine Bramsen. Recently they have been touring in Israel for a week with a repertoire in Danish, English and Hebrew.

Syng Selected brings you power and energy, happiness and heartache and pure beauty when the voices of the young singers melt together in soothing harmony. Get ready for the unexpected. Get ready for Syng Selected! The choir is a project choir and every two years there is a change of conductor/musical director. At the moment Syng Selected is conducted by Tine and Christian Fris-Ronsfeld.
Concert on June 28 19:30 in S:ta Maria kyrka. Tickets are bought in the door or via the church expedition.

“Everyone at Nordklang sings” – closing concert for Nordklang on June 29 at 17.00 in Helsingborg Concert Hall
Tonight’s conferences and musical leader Fredrik Berglund is host, along with a houseband.
Parts of all the workshops from the week that have been highlighted during the concert, and mixed with singing and choir singing. Everything to give both the festival participants and the others in the audience a magnificent, musical experience and end of Nordklang 2019. To Nordklang’s concluding concert, both festival participants (who go for free) and regular audiences are welcome.

About Fredrik Berglund
Fredrik Berglund is an academically trained conductor and choir leader at the music colleges in Örebro and Gothenburg and also one of the founders of the music platform and choir initiative “We Are Voice”. Today he teaches at some of the country’s leading music educations along with being a very productive arranger within the choir genre. He is artistic director and conductor of Mölndal’s chamber choir and is Director Cantorum at Örebro University. As a choir professor and inspirator, he is known for his playful way in which he inspires both singers and audience to the great joy of singing.

Tickets for non-festival participants are sold via the Helsingborg Concert Hall website and cost SEK 100.
Book ticket here.

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